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Last week wetalked about gettin' naked and stuff.That was fun.

This week,I have to tell you about a dating system that I just found out my cousin and his wife have.In other words,let's talk about what to dobeforeyou get naked.

This is an ongoing dating system.It's a system you can do with your spouse,or your significant other,or your friendly neighborhood dungeon master (you know,if you want to keepthatrelationship solid).

Now,let me tell you about Sam,and his wife Julia.They are a married couple with a bunch of kids.They are not dungeon masters.Or at least I don't think they are.

And there are only a handful of married couples I know who I look at and think,wow.Those guys should be showing the whole world how to do this.Yes,Sam and Julia are one of them.

My sister Tomi Ann and her husband Dan are one of them.

There was me and both of my wives.We were one of them… and then one of them.Oh wait scratch that one.We definitely weren't one of them.Either time.

But there was definitely my grandma and grandpa.They fit the bill.

Anyway,I've noticed they all have something in common.They activelydatethe person they're with.They always have,and I know they always will.They make time for each other no matter how busy and how hectic life is.They set aside time to get away from their kids,and their routines,and theireverything,to focus on each other.

Which brings us to the system.Sam and Julia came up with this awesome idea because,我记得山姆把它,"they found themselves always doing the same things on their dates," and after some 15 years or something together,the dates were starting to get a little stale.(Julia,please note the stale part was not in quotes.)

Anyway,the first part of their system is that they switch off with each otherwhohas to plan it and put it together each week.The other one has to just promise to be there and do whatever the other has planned.

Sam gets one week.Julia gets the next week.Then Sam gets the next week.And Julia gets the week after that.Then Sam gets… oh you get it already?Sorry,it's complicated stuff.Just wanted to make sure.

So… the schedule.Scheduled out.Assigned.

Then,things get awesome in a hurry.

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